Dance Informa: A Musical Theatre Choreographer all His own

awarded's Best choreography for his work on casa mañana's CHILDREN of eden

Featured as one of the top 10 choreographers to watch in 2015


“One of the most creative choreographers I've ever seen" – The Florida Times Union


"Choreographer James Kinney's dances are the perfect combination of ballet and athletics and he gives the large cast many chances to show off their wide range of abilities, including a spectacular tap number, "King of New York" that opens act two. Every member of the cast brings an infectious joy to the variety of movement and changing styles of dance...there is nonstop, thrilling and exuberant dancing!"


“Full-throttle, thrillingly-choreographed action…expertly directed by James Kinney” – Alan Ilagan, Theatre Critic


A whole new spectrum of movement and tableaux has been employed by director/choreographer James Kinney”- Edge Buffalo


“Ten thumbs up to the master genius of Choreographer James Kinney” –


“James Kinney’s choreography is a joy to watch.” – Charlie Patton, Theatre Critic


"The movement created by choreographer James Kinney keeps this show FLUID, PASSIONATE, and the final result is a richly rewarding theatrical experience."- J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus


“A spectacular 'Something Better Than This', and a heart-wrenching beautiful original dance piece choreographed by James Kinney” –


“The choreography by James Kinney is brisk, bouncy, and imaginative.”- EntertainingU Jacksonville


"Choreographer James Kinney keeps everything moving at a BREATHTAKING pace."-Florida NewsLine


Explosive opening choreographed by Broadway dancer, James Kinney. Using Kinney's dynamic approach to movement, [Kinney] masters the element of surprise as I could never tell what is going to happen next, and every now and then he adds a sense of humor to see if you are paying attention.  I could definitely see his work on the Broadway stage.” –iDanz Critics Corner, (March, premiering at Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre)

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